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Your questions - ANSWERED!

Here's a few of the common questions that customers ask

Q: How often do you clean my windows?

We operate a monthly booking calendar so we'll be round once each month to clean the windows. We're often asked if once a month is often enough, or some people ask if it's too frequent. The answer to both is that once a month is the sweet spot.


It's just enough to keep your windows clean without being too frequent and costing you more money unnecessarily, and it also helps keep your window glass, rubber seals and frames in good condition by removing any muck and debris from collecting on the glass surface or causing erosion and damage to the rubber seals and window frames (which also helps to extend the life of your windows - which we all know is a costly thing to replace!).

Q: When will you come and clean my windows?

There's no set appointment time but generally speaking we should arrive roughly the same time each month, with a little flexibility if we're ahead or behind schedule (or there's severe weather). If you give us your mobile number when you sign up then we'll also send you an automated text message the day before to let you know when we'll be round, just in case you need to leave any back gates open or have nervous pets at home and it also keeps you in the loop as to when someone will be round your home.

Q: I work shifts, can you avoid certain times?

We always make an effort to avoid certain times (where we can), especially for shift workers as we know it's a real pain if you're disturbed during the middle of the day when you're trying to sleep (paying automatically with our hassle-free Direct Debit payment option is also a great way to avoid being disturbed!) . But if you let us know of any times to avoid when you sign up we'll do our best to avoid them where we can.

Q: How do I arrange my first window clean?

Simply sign up online or use the contact us page to get in touch with us. We'll take a few details and schedule you in to the diary!

Q: How do I pay?

You can now pay us by secure automatic Direct Debit, set up monthly so the whole process is fully automatic and you don't need to have cash on you. We introduced the Direct Debit system to help keep our customers safe at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and it's been an amazing success. Paying by Direct Debit is super easy, we'll get things set up for you when you signup online. It's completely safe and secure and it'll only take two minutes.

Q: How will ClearView Borders appear on my bank statement?

You'll see 'GOCARDLESS' on your bank statement as we use the well-known payment processor GoCardless to securely process all our Direct Debit payments. It's one of the largest payment processors of Direct Debits for small businesses. We'll also only every debit you AFTER we've been to clean the windows. We'll pop a little slip through the door to let you know that the windows have been cleaned and we'll now process the payment automatically.

Q: How do I know you've cleaned my windows?

Each time we visit to clean the windows, we'll leave you a little card to say we've been. Because you pay by Direct Debit then there's no need to do anything at all, we'll not disturb you or ask for payment - it's all automatic.

Q: Where do you offer services?

We clean windows right across the Scottish Borders, including Galashiels, Tweedbank, Melrose, St. Boswells, Earlston, Lauder, Clovenfords, Selkirk, Hawick, Jedburgh, Newtown, Gordon, Greenlaw, Duns and everywhere in between!

Let's get you booked in!

Don't worry, we'll give you a quote first so you know how much it'll cost. We'll then take a few details from you and get you booked in to the diary. Simple.

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