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Here's how it all works

Here's how window cleaning works with ClearView Borders!

1. Get a Quote Online

First things first, we need a few simple details from you about your home. We'll then give you quick quote instantly online via the website and if you're happy with it then just pop in a few details and we'll get you booked in to the diary.


2. Decide how to pay

After we've taken your details we'll then give you the option of how you'd like to pay. You can pay cash the traditional way or the new modern way by automatic Direct Debit (recommended).

We introduced automatic Direct Debit at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep our customers safe and it's been a huge success. It's super easy, safe and secure and it only takes a minute to setup.

3. We'll see you soon!

That's it. We'll get you booked in to the diary and once we've done that we'll drop you an email with all the details you might want, like when we'll be round for the first clean and any other details about payment etc.



Don't worry, you'll see a quote first so you know how much it'll cost. We'll then take a few details from you and get you booked in to the diary. Simple.

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