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Terms & Conditions

Website & Service Terms and Conditions

Service Terms & Conditions


By signing up and booking any of the services provided by ClearView Borders, also known as, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions detailed below. These terms and conditions apply when using any of the services provided by ClearView Borders.

Service Provision:

ClearView Borders provide window cleaning services for both residential customers (homes) and commercial properties (businesses).


Cleaning Frequency:

Cleaning services may not take place on the same day or date of each week or month, however ClearView Borders will always aim to keep the day or date relatively consistent to ensure the best possible cleaning frequency. The actual day of the week may vary slightly, as will time of day.



You have the option to pay for your window cleaning service either by Cash or by Direct Debit.


Cash paying customers are required to pay within 5 working days of the cleaning date, either by physical cash or directly via bank transfer.


Business Customers Only - Failure to pay within 14 days of invoice may result in a late payment charge of £5.00. If you fail to pay and your invoice continues to remain unpaid for more than 28 days, ClearView Borders reserve the right to suspend your businesses cleaning services. If we fail to receive monies owned to us within 56 days we may instruct a collection agency to recover the debt and you will be liable for all related charges associated with this function.


Direct Debit paying customers payments will be processed via our secure Direct Debit processing partner, GoCardless. Payments will be taken on or around the first of each month and your cleaning service will take place any day within that calendar month according to our cleaning round schedule.


Weather Constraints:

Our window cleaning services are operated year-round regardless of general weather conditions. Your services may be delayed in the case of severe weather conditions, dangerous high winds, extreme cold and deep snow. In the event that adverse weather conditions effect our service round, we will endeavour to provide your chosen services as soon as feasibly possible thereafter.


Restricted Access:

In the event we are unable to access any part of your property for whatever reason, we will only clean the accessible areas. We may be unable to return to clean the restricted areas until the next scheduled clean. To prevent this, please ensure your contact details remain up to date. If we deem it is safe to do so we will access your property by unlocking gates so as to gain access to clean your external windows. Above all, we endeavour to clean all windows at your property, but if we deem any window(s) to be inaccessible or unsafe to clean, we reserve the right to not clean them. Due to insurance liabilities we will not move obstacles such as but not exclusive to, garden furniture, flowerpots etc, nor will we attempt to climb over locked gates or fences as doing so could cause unnecessary damage to your property. You will be required to pay the full charge and ensure that on our next return that access is then granted to all parts of your property.



We do not accept liability for damage caused by structural defects of your property, such as but not limited to, ill fitting windows, doors, fascias, guttering, window trims, unsecured windows and doors, leaking seals, rotating frames, flaking paint, open/broken trickle vents, cracked window glass etc. The equipment we use to clean your windows are specifically designed for professional window cleaning and are made of soft materials that are incapable of scratching glass or damaging your window glass, frames, sills and doors. Any detergents and cleaning agents are also non-abrasive and therefore do not damage nor discolour any windows or window sills.



If you wish to cancel our services, you must provide at least 7 days notice where you pay by Direct Debit. Cash paying customers can cancel up to one day before. To cancel, simply complete the contact us form on our website, email us at


Right to Refuse Work:

ClearView Borders reserve the right to refuse certain work/jobs even if we have taken payment in advance from you. If we refuse any work/job and payment has been taken, we will refund any monies paid in full.





Website Terms & Conditions

ClearView will use reasonable efforts to maintain up-to-date and accurate information on this Website. However, you should note that the material contained on this Website is provided for information purposes only and shall not be deemed to make any commitment or enter into any obligation on the part of ClearView. Any images used on this Website are not necessarily representative of any product service offering from ClearView and do not constitute a basis for purchase decisions. Further, none of the information in the material contained on this Website, including, without limitation, any images, may be relied upon as Specified Matter(s) from time to time prescribed by any Order made under the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991.

ClearView makes no representations, warranties or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the material contained on this Website (or at any other website accessed by means of this Website). You are strongly advised to take all independent steps, including seeking appropriate professional advice, to verify any information upon which you may seek to rely. ClearView shall not be liable for any claims or losses arising directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on the material contained on, or your inability to access, this Website.

The information on this Website is not intended to provide any specific legal, accounting, financial, investment or tax advice, nor is it an invitation to invest in any product or service offered by ClearView or any other organisation. You should not make (or decide not to make) any investment or other decision based on material/information on or accessed via this Website.


Links to third party websites on the Website are provided solely for your information and convenience. If you use these links you will leave this Website. We do not control and are not responsible for any such third party websites and/or the content of such websites.

All content available on this Website, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, data compilations and software (the “Content”) is the property of ClearView and/or our licensors and is protected by UK and international copyright laws.

The trade marks, logos and service marks displayed on this Website (together the “Trade Marks”) are the registered and unregistered marks of ClearView and/or our licensors and are protected by UK and international trade mark laws.

Except as set out in the paragraph below or otherwise to identify the products or services of ClearView, use of any Content, Trade Marks or other intellectual property rights owned by or licensed to ClearView is strictly prohibited without our express written consent.

You may access this Website for your personal non-commercial use only. Copyright of this Website belongs to ClearView. Any internet or other links to this Website must be expressly authorised by ClearView.

You are responsible for ensuring that your access to and use of this Website is lawful and ClearView accepts no responsibility for any of your unauthorised access or actions. All rights in respect of unlawful or unauthorised access or use are reserved in full. This Website is provided as a service to its visitors and ClearView reserves the right to suspend, delete, modify or adapt this Website and/or the Content as it deems fit for any reason and without notification to anyone at any time.




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