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Merritt Window Cleaning is proud to have taken over Clearview Borders business. 

You can now pay cash the classic way, or the new modern 'COVID SAFE' way by automatic Direct Debit so there's no need to have cash on you, no being disturbed and no hassle.

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A regular, reliable, affordable service that includes the window glass, frames, sills and doors AS STANDARD

Your Local Window Cleaner

Hello, I'm Laura and I've recently taken over Martins business Things at ClearView have changed since the start of the pandemic and I'm now keeping customers safe by introducing automatic Direct Debit as a way of paying for your monthly window cleaning.

So now you have choice, pay the traditional way with cash, or go modern and pay automatically by Direct Debit - it's socially distanced, there's no need to have cash on you, no being disturbed and no need to be home either.

Whatever you choose, your windows are cleaned by a reliable, regular, and local, window cleaner.

What my customers say:

"Heard about them on Radio Borders. Cheap price and way more reliable than past window cleaners"

Alison Patterson


Scottish Borders

Window Cleaner:

Cleaning windows right across the Scottish Borders area, including:








West Linton





*Plus nearby areas*

Why choose ClearView?

Here's three reasons why ClearView is different to all the other window cleaners out there:

1. Local

There's a lot of window cleaners from out-with the Borders cleaning our Borders homes. We are 100% local.

2. Simplicity

There's the option to pay by automatic Direct Debit so there's no messing about with cash and no being disturbed each time.

3. Service

It's a regular, reliable and affordable service that includes the window glass, frames, sills and doors AS STANDARD

Let's get it arranged!

Don't worry, you'll see a quote first so you know how much it'll cost, then you choose how you'd like to pay (cash or automatic direct debit) and then pop in a few details and we'll get you booked in to the diary. Easy!

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